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What does the hub do.

We are an innovative and technology center focused on entrepreneurship and creative economy. We are committed in identifying ,nurturing and promoting talent through skills development, training and mentorship.


Build your own business

We support young entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas through this initiative. We assist you in connecting to the appropriate employees as well as providing startup packs that you may require to launch your business.

Digital Summits in Nakuru City | MGiHub
Offering community training in suswa rapland

Get into tech !!

We are here to assist you and lead you through the field because the society we live in expects you to be a step ahead in the IT sector. You need the fundamental computer abilities.

Creative Economy

Be iCreative

You can immerse yourself in the entertainment and creative industries with our assistance. You will learn how to perfect skills like videography and photography.

Offering community training in suswa rapland

Digitize your business

MGHub’s expert instructors specialize in digital business and entrepreneurship. We empower communities with diverse, practical training programs aimed at digitizing your business. From digital marketing to e-commerce and data analytics, we provide the skills and tools for success in today’s digital landscape. Join us, and let’s rewrite your business’s digital future.


A caring fitness community to help you stay on track.

Our community supports excellence and perfection , Becoming a part of it will guarantee you success.

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